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The Bright Earth Foods Vision and Mission



The initial spark for Bright Earth came in 2005 on a full moon night in the desert region of Baja, Mexico; the inspiration was to create a green, sustainable, raw superfood company that sources from the indigenous/native peoples of the Earth. Once the spark was lit, Bright Earth began to create raw food delights with the highest quality superfoods. When people tried these wildly delicious raw treats, they were set alight with the vibrant natural high that comes from eating foods that have their raw power still intact! Everyone that tried the foods wanted more and were inspired to transform their lives with the power of superfoods, and thus Bright Earth was born…

While Bright Earth has gone through many evolutions and transformations since its birth, this passion for community and sharing, and commitment to the health of people and the planet continues to burn bright. Bright Earth offers products that allow people to experience that good nutrition and healthy foods can be the most delicious of all.

OUR VISION: To serve humanity by creating happiness and well-being through the transformation of health.

OUR MISSION: To be a trusted provider of the highest quality solutions for conscious healthy living.



  • Never compromise on quality
  • Are a trusted educational resource
  • Empower people to take action
  • Honor and preserve nature
  • Are dedicated to health and wellness
  • Deeply respect relationships
  • Are impeccable in personal service



At Bright Earth, we care about the earth and the incredibly delicate ecosystem that all life depends on. We are aware of the many economic and environmental concerns of today and are committed to being part of the global solution.

We support preservation of the rain forests and the plants as they grow in nature. We are committed to finding native, wild varieties of superfoods, in order to deliver the highest quality products to the market with a positive impact on the natural habitat where they grow. We believe that the best way to steward the land is to nurture direct relationships with the existing sustainable farming cooperatives that care for the land where these foods naturally grow.

We all have a part to play in creating the future. We choose to do so in a way that is mutually beneficial for all, contributing to a Bright Earth and a Bright Future. It is an honor for us to be able to share our foods, products, resources, and knowledge with you. Welcome to the Bright Earth family.



At Bright Earth, we stand behind each of our products and every part of the process that they go through before they reach you.

Our products are:

  • Organically grown or Wildcrafted
  • Beyond Fair Trade
  • Raw & Vegan
  • GMO free, Dairy free, and Gluten free

 Our product standards:

  • We source only the highest quality raw and organic ingredients.
  • We focus on sources that practice sustainable farming and are working to preserve the ecosystem in which the plants naturally thrive.
  • We maintain mutually beneficial relationships with the farmers/suppliers.
  • We are sensitive to how each living plant is processed to ensure the highest integrity of the food and preserving its “raw” state.


Service is our highest order, 100% customer satisfaction is our goal!